For seed viability and
seedling growth

Fruit & Vegetables

Bacto Seed™ is a biological product for enhancement of seed viability and production of seedlings. It contains a complex of bacteria Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus mojavensis and fungus Thrichoderma viride. These unique biological strains secrete bioactive substances which inoculate the seed and protect it from pathogenic organisms in the soil.

Bacto Seed™ stimulates the germination of seeds and development of young plants by balancing the metabolism of vital substances and increasing the plants resistance to stress.

Benefits include:
  • Stimulates viability and germination of seeds
  • Improves growth and development of root system
  • Increases the immunity of plant and its resistance to stress
  • Stimulates assimilation of phosphorus and potassium elements from the soil
  • Improves phytosanitary characteristics of the soil and rhizosphere

10 Ltr plastic drum

20 Ltr plastic drum

Can be mixed with pesticides or fertilisers unless otherwise indicated on the manufacturer’s labelling.

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Seed Treatment:

1 – 3 Ltr/t (solution norm 30 Ltr/t) or 3 – 9 Ltr/ha.

2 Ltr/t (solution norm 10 Ltr/t).

2 Ltr/t (solution norm 10 Ltr/t).

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