Plant amino acid for stress reduction

Fruit & Vegetables

Maxprolin™ is a bio-stimulant that increases the natural resistance of plants to stress. Maxprolin™ contains L-α proline, an essential amino acid which helps seed germination, encourages the formation of roots hairs, is involved in nitrogen accumulation and promotes pollen production. L-α proline is easily assimilated by plants and has a multiple effect on the growth and development of plants by performing a protective function of cells as well as helping plants to adapt under adverse environmental conditions.

Benefits include:
  • Prepares crops for winter weather and aids recovery in the spring
  • Reduces consequences of biotic/abiotic plant stress and temperature variations
  • Increases accumulation of sugars in cells and resistance of plants to winter stress
  • Improves metabolism and enhances the effect of other enzymes
  • Enhances formation of pollen and embryogenesis
  • Increases productivity and quality of crops harvested

20g box (powder)

Can be mixed with pesticides or fertilisers unless otherwise indicated on the manufacturer’s labelling.

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