Seaweed Fertiliser

Fruit & Vegetables

Nutripore™ is a foliar applied plant nutrition product developed for Irish agriculture by leading biological farming consultants from New Zealand, USA and Europe. Our advisors have over 60 years’ combined experience in implementing biological principles and practises for grass, cereal, fruit and vegetable farmers worldwide. Nutripore™ was developed to enable Irish farmers to provide optimal levels of major and minor nutrients for all crops whilst increasing yield and health potential.

It contains:

  • Major, macro and micro nutrients
  • Seaweed – Organic approved 45% concentration Irish seaweed extract
  • Natural Bio – stimulants
  • Amino Acid – L- a proline acid
Benefits include:
  • Supports early crop establishment
  • Strongly promotes rooting and tiller development and leaf surface area
  • Increased nitrogen efficiency and nutrient uptake
  • Improved crop vigour, yield and quality
  • Induces drought stress protective mechanisms
  • Faster recovery from drought when applied in advance of the water shortage

20 Ltr plastic drum

1000 Ltr IBC

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