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Plant Pro

Plant Tonic

Fruit & Vegetables

Plant Pro™ is a plant tonic with added trace elements. In addition to healthy soil and a sufficient supply with nutrients, an intact plant immune system is an important prerequisite for plant growth and yields. Plant Pro™ has a stimulating effect on the plants’ immune system, which improves resistance to stress and strengthens the plants‘ natural defenses.

By working with the natural biological processes, Plant Pro™ supports more vibrant plant development. It increases root development, increases mycorrhizal fungi and promotes greater chlorophyll and photosynthesis. The resultant healthier and stronger plants are better protected against adverse growing conditions – insects, disease, drought, etc. – supporting an increase in crop yield and quality.

For Arable Farmers, the following product combination should be considered:

  • Arable C – Fosfix & Bacto-K(Autumn); Bio-Boost & Azofix (Spring) & Plant Pro (GS 20 – 30 & GS51 – 60)
Benefits include:
  • Stimulates root, plant and mycorhizzal growth
  • Activates the symbiosis of soil-root-plant
  • Improved assimilation of nutrients
  • Strengthens plants and increases resistance
  • Accelerate chlorophyll and photosynthesis activity
  • Increase stress resistance
  • Environmentally friendly

10 Ltr plastic drum

10 kg paper bag in cardboard box

20 kg Paper Bag

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Application Rate and Timing:

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