For enhanced breakdown of plant residues

Fruit & Vegetables

Ruinex™ is a biological fertiliser intended for acceleration of decomposition of chopped straw/straw stubble/roots, grass thatch for direct drilling grass seed and general plant residues. It contains a complex of bacteria (Bacillus mojavensis, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus megaterium), fungus Thrichoderma viride and trace elements. This combination of biological ingredients actively secretes enzymes, which stimulates the decomposition of tough plant residues (cellulose, lignin and other organic polymers).

Benefits include:
  • Increases rate of breakdown of plant residues including grass thatch
  • Actively mineralises plant residues leading to increased soil organic carbon
  • Increases biological and enzyme activity of the soil
  • Increases the content of micro and macro elements available to the plants
  • Improves soil structure and ratio of beneficial to pathogenic fungi

10 Ltr plastic drum

20 Ltr plastic drum

Can be mixed with pesticides or fertilisers unless otherwise indicated on the manufacturer’s labelling.

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Application Rate and Timing:
Application Methods:

Can be sprayed up to 3 months pre burn off. Tank mixable with glyphosate.

After harvesting, spray on the plant residues.

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