We challenge decades old beliefs about agricultural inputs by providing natural solutions to improve the health of your soils, plants and animals.

Solutions We Offer

Animal / Livestock

We have developed a unique range of products that naturally support, maintain and promote the animal’s immune system, health and well-being.


We offer cutting-edge products for grassland farmers that have incredibly positive effects on soil health and are flexible in mode of application – applied with or through slurry or a simple farm sprayer. Our approach releases reserves of valuable nutrients and helps build resilient soils with less compaction.


Our extensive range of soil and plant products for the arable sector provides cost-effective solutions to boost biological soil and plant health and strengthen the sector’s ability to produce high quality crops.

Fruit and Vegetables

Working with our international consultants, we have fine-tuned combinations of ingredients and products which work naturally to strengthen the crops ability to resist disease and pest levels.

Slurry Treatment

Slurry is the most valuable source of complete nutrients in grassland systems and when treated with our aerobic digester it also becomes a powerful soil microbial stimulant. This allows you to make better use of this valuable resource while helping to protect soil health.

FYM / Compost

For centuries our forefathers “composted” FYM allowing it to mature for up to 2 years in the knowledge that fresh FYM was not the best use of this valuable fertiliser. We believe they were correct and have developed a system to enhance that composting process in today’s demanding legislative environment.

About Us

FuturAg is a leader in the field of biological agriculture through experience, expertise and innovation.

We have partnered with carefully selected consultants and suppliers that have 100 years’ experience combined in implementing biological systems on farms in over 40 countries. Our suppliers manufacture cutting edge technological products that meet strict ISO 9001:2008 standards and conform to FIBL and Irish organic standards.

We work to fine-tune systems and biological products to provide unique solutions tailored to suit local conditions and achieve a more sustainable, profitable system.

FuturAg was founded in 2015 by Leslie Dwyer. Leslie grew up on a dairy and pig farm in Co. Kerry and now resides in Athy, Co. Kildare. Having graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Leslie has since enjoyed a varied career in agri-business for the past 25 years. During these 25 years, Leslie has gained a vast array of skills, experience and knowledge. Leslie has experience working with international health and nutrition companies, promoting natural solutions for soil, plant and animal health for a variety of farmers.

Leslie combines his experience working with farmers over 25 years and his knowledge of the deep relationship between animal, plant and soil health to bring new and exciting concepts and solutions to the marketplace through FuturAg. He credits an open mind, outside the box thinking and interacting with world leaders in biological agriculture as the key factors and strengths in helping him to develop the company and provide practical, effective solutions for the crucial people that produce the world’s food – farmers!

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I have tested the Bio-Boost soil biology enhancer on some fields on my farm since 2017. In that time soil P & K levels have risen significantly despite very low application levels. I have been incorporating straw and land has not been ploughed for 20 years. Fields have been responding more like fields close to ley rather than old tillage ground.

Hugh McDonnell Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

We have been using a slurry and soil biology program as advised by FuturAg for the past three years. Our aim is to improve soil health which is important for long term sustainability and profitability. This is an approach that yields long term benefits which are now coming to fruition. Overall, the progress made in three years has been very positive.

Alan & David Irwin Redhouse Holsteins Benburb, Co. Tyrone

It is clear to see from my cows that the investment I have made in soil health and soil biology with FuturAg is paying its way. My cows are more settled and content, hold condition better and last year we had exceptional fertility and SCC. We are growing better quality grass by making use of biologically treated slurry, using less nitrogen and ensuring soil biology is fed correctly. The grass we are growing is putting a shine on our cows like never before and they are repaying us with excellent milk solids and improved health.

Thomas Griffin Timoleague, Co. Cork

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