Slurry Pro™

Fertiliser / Soil Enhancer

Slurry produced on farm is a valuable source of nutrients and can contribute to reduced fertiliser use. Slurry stored in tanks will undergo a state of rotting that wastes valuable nitrogen and sulphur and produces by-products that can be harmful to man, animal, plant roots and soil biology.

Treating your slurry with Slurry Pro™ will make it a much more valuable liquid fertiliser. Slurry Pro™ stimulates the microorganisms and microbiology present in the slurry and promotes the aerobic decomposition of organic material. Treated slurry then becomes more homogeneous and flowable, the agitation time is shortened and odours are reduced to natural levels, which improves air quality.


Apply half the required amount into the tank at housing and the remainder when the tank is half full. Mix the required amount in water at a rate of 1 litre to 20 litres of water and stir vigorously. Ensure that the mixed product is poured through any crust that may be present (it may be necessary to make holes in the crust for initial applications).

Slatted Tanks

Pour into the tank through the slats at 5 meter intervals – once per span / bay.

Outdoor Slurry Stores / Lagoons

Pour into the reception tank prior to pumping to the store / lagoon.

Existing Slurry Volumes

Once-off use – 1 Litre/10,000 Gallons
Annual Use: 1 Litre/20,000 Gallons

Slurry Treatment
Benefits include:
  1. Reduced agitation and crust prevention
  2. Increases time intervals between agitation
  3. Improves the flowability of slurry
  4. Activates aerobic microorganisms which are beneficial to soil biology/ earthworms
  5. Reduced smells during storage and spreading
  6. Increased nutrient availability

10 Ltr plastic drum

Slurry Pro™ can be used in outdoor slurry stores/ lagoons and in slatted tanks.