What products does FuturAg offer?

We offer a range of products to improve soil, plant and animal health by stimulating and supplementing natural biological processes. These include solutions for conventional and organic grassland and arable farms, slurry and FYM treatment and pig and poultry production.

How do your solutions help farmers?

Our solutions are designed to help farmers achieve a more sustainable, profitable system by improving soil and plant health, reducing fertiliser use, and enhancing the natural immune systems of animals. This leads to healthier crops and livestock, higher yields, and cost savings.

What is the Tow and Fert?

The Tow and Fert is a range of specialised equipemnt that mix, apply and maximise the effectiveness of purchased fertilisers. It is used by grassland farmers to mix normal granular urea aand other ingredients with water and convert it into liquid fertiliser , which can then be sprayed onto grass. We have fine-tuned this system to enable farmers to maintain growth rates but reduce nitrogen usage by up to 40%.

How do you apply fertiliser ?

Plants and grass have cells in their leaves that have space around them called stomata. These stomata allow efficient absorption of nutrients into the plant from certain foliar fertilisers that are sprayed onto the leaf. Spraying the correct mix of nutrients directly onto the leaf allows farmers to significantly reduce their nitrogen fertiliser use compared to spreading granular fertilisers.

How do your products benefit livestock and animal health?

Our NurTure range of products for the livestock sector naturally support, maintain, and promote the animal’s immune system, health, and well-being. Trials have shown improved growth rates, feed conversion reduced disease, and better overall animal health.

Can your products be used on different types of crops?

Yes, our range of products are being used in grassland, arable, fruit, vegetable, nurseries and Christmas tree production. We also work with international consultants to fine-tune combinations of ingredients and products that work naturally to strengthen all crop’s ability to resist disease and pest levels.

What sets FuturAg apart from other agriculture companies?

We have partnered with carefully selected consultants and suppliers with 100 years of combined experience implementing biological systems on farms in over 40 countries. Our suppliers manufacture cutting-edge technology products that meet strict ISO 9001:2008 standards and conform to FIBL and Irish organic standards.

Can I get a consultation with FuturAg?

Absolutely! We offer consultations to help you learn more about our products and services and how they can benefit your farm. Contact us at +353 (0)87 828 8542 or +44 (0)739 351 2227, or email us at leslie@futurag.ie to schedule a consultation. We work on fine-tuning our systems and biological products to provide unique solutions tailored to suit local conditions and achieve a more sustainable, profitable system for your farm.