Soil Enhancer

Ecogrow ™ is our cutting edge, multi-functional soil microbial stimulant and inoculant. It can be used across all production systems – grassland, arable and fruit & vegetable production and is an organic registered product. 100% soluble in water, it is easily used by grassland farmers who don’t have access to or use sprayers as it can be applied direct into slurry storage tanks, slurry tankers or pumped through umbilical slurry systems. Our unique ingredients stimulate the germination of dormant native biological species including the all important mycorrhizal and trichoderma fungi and native bacteria/archaea.

The specially selected naturally occurring soil microorganisms we include are N-fixing, P and K releasing microbes and includes a select strain of trichoderma fungi to aid in soil “healing”. These select strains multiply rapidly in the soil under the correct conditions – sufficient heat and water and help restore soil health and structure. It stimulates growth of plants directly by improving the nutritional status and health of the root and leaf environment. Ecogrow™ can also help control soil borne diseases caused by a variety of pathogens by restoring a balanced level of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.

Application Rate: 200g/acre

Benefits include:
  1. Improves soil structure and helps reduce compaction with long-term use
  2. Increases bioavailability of nutrients
  3. Helps restore a balanced soil biology
  4. Breaks down plant residues
  5. Provides the plants with a healthy-looking gloss