NurTure™ Complementary Mineral Feed

NurTure™ Wean-To-Finish is a feed supplement specifically designed to improve growth rate and feed efficiency in pigs. It is one of a unique range of biologically activated products manufactured using a natural biotechnology process developed and fine-tuned by Swiss company Penergetic over the past 20 years.

The Importance of Gut Health

A pig’s intestinal tract is not just where nutrients are absorbed. It is one of the most important organs for the immune response of our animals as it is the first line of defence against pathogens. The intestinal tract hosts a diverse microbiome – a community of beneficial and pathogenic microbes whose functions include improved energy harvesting capacity, volatile fatty acid production, vitamin K production and enhanced resistance against pathogenic bacteria.

Maintaining a balanced intestinal flora in the GIT of pigs is key to optimising health, growth rate and feed efficiency.

How Does NurTure™ Work?

NurTure’s primary mode of action is the stimulation of specific strains of gut bacteria which helps to keep beneficial gut flora at optimum levels. Trials have shown that beneficial lactobacilli bacteria, for example, increase by up to 47%.

What is the Natural Biotechnology Used?

Polymorphism, the ability of solid materials to exist in two or more crystalline forms is commonly used in drug manufacture in the pharmaceutical industry to give differences in properties and efficacy from the same substance. Our natural biotechnology process has features akin to polymorphism but significantly more advanced. Our feed grade limestone is processed so it provides the effect of a carefully selected number and type of substances when it is fed. These substances include but are not limited to minerals, trace elements, plants and herbs.

Animals fed our products at the specified rate can then get the benefits of many natural ingredients without the cost of feeding all those ingredients together.

What are the Benefits?

In a trial conducted in Ireland in May 2021, an increased profit of €4 per finished pig was generated.

  • Location: Kiernan Pig Farms, Coolamber Trials Unit, Co. Longford
  • Objective: To assess the effect of NurTure™ Wean-To-Finish on growth performance, health and welfare of finisher pigs.
  • No. of Pigs: 1,792

Control vs Treatment houses with 32 pens of 28 pigs/pen. Finisher unit used for the trial was dry fed using pellets with single space feeders (wet and dry). Pens are equipped with 2 feeders per pen (28 pigs). The finisher stage operates a two-phase feeding system.