Alga 45™

Alga 45

Seaweed Fertiliser

Fruit & Vegetables

Alga 45™ is a plant strengthening seaweed extract. Ascophyllum nodosum, harvested sustainably from the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Ireland is the natural power behind our leading seaweed extract, Alga 45™. Ascophyllum nodosum is an inter-tidal seaweed found only in the pristine clean waters of the North Atlantic. It’s in this beautiful but harsh environment that Ascophyllum nodosum has developed a natural biochemistry, which allows it to thrive & grow. It has evolved to produce a unique set of biologically active compounds that allow it to survive extreme weather conditions from scorching sunshine, frost and immersion in temperate water.

Our suppliers have developed unique processes to extract these bioactive compounds allowing us to enhance crop tolerance to stress and increase crop yields with the natural resilience of this wonder of nature.

Benefits include:
  • Supports early crop establishment
  • Strongly promotes rooting and tiller development and leaf surface area
  • Increased nitrogen efficiency and nutrient uptake
  • Improved crop vigour, yield and quality
  • Induces drought stress protective mechanisms
  • Faster recovery from drought when applied in advance of the water shortage

20 Ltr plastic drum

210 Ltr plastic drum

1000 Ltr IBC

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Application Rate and Timing:

The timing of application relates mostly to key stages of the plant’s development. Early application and correct timing maximises it’s benefits. Crops under stress will benefit from an application at any stage during the growing season. Download our application guide for more information.

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