Bio NPK™


Soil Inoculant

Fruit & Vegetables

Bio-NPK™ is a biological fertiliser for improving the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrition of plants.

It contains Azotobacter vinelandiia and two strains of Bacillus megaterium bacteria that fixes nitrogen, releases phosphorus from soil reserves and mobilises potassium in the soil. This combination of bacteria secrete bioactive substances that stimulate the growth and development of plants with long term use leading to improved soil structure.

For Arable farmers (Spring cereals only):

  • Bio-Boost & Bio-NPK (Sprayed onto the soil, after sowing or within 2 weeks after sowing where there are low P & K levels)

For Grassland Farmers, the following product combination should be considered;

  • Grassland C – Bio-Boost & Bio-NPK (Applied in the spring time through slurry tanker or sprayer)
Benefits include:
  • Increases the amount of nitrogen in plant available form
  • Decreases reliance on chemical NPK inputs
  • Enhances biological and enzyme activity of the soil
  • Improves soil structure and water capacity
  • Stimulates development and growth of plant root system
  • Improves assimilation of calcium fertilisers
  • Improves growth of roots and root hairs

10 Ltr plastic drum

20 Ltr plastic drum

Can be mixed with pesticides or fertilisers unless otherwise indicated on the manufacturer’s labelling.

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Application Rate and Timing:
Application Methods:

Maximise contact with soil. Soil Temperature – Minimum 5°C; Minimum pH 5.5, avoid waterlogged or excessively dry soils.

It is best to spray onto the soil after sowing or within 2 weeks after sowing.

Apply with crop sprayer or through slurry tank onto low covers once soil temperatures reach a minimum of 5°C in late March / early April. A second application is possible in August / September.

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