Complementary Mineral Feed

Animal / Livestock

A good base diet is the basis for healthy livestock and high-quality food produced. The NurTure™ range of products were developed specially to naturally support, maintain and promote the animal’s immune system, health and well-being for all species.

In our ruminant range, we have combined a market leading sodium carbonate activated bentonite clay with other leading natural substances when fed together have a positive effect on the animal’s immune system and digestion. This unique combination of mineral feedstuffs for ruminants is designed to support animal health and improve feed efficiency in the absence or presence of mycotoxins.

The special characteristics of our ruminant NurTure™ products eliminates interference with nutrients and vitamins, making it an ideal complementary feed supplement against mycotoxins due to its high specific surface, moderate cation exchange capacity and fine particle size.

Benefits include:
  • Strengthens the animal’s immune system
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Improves digestion
  • Optimises feed efficiency

25 kg plastic / paper bags

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Feeding Rate:

0.1% or 1 kg/T of feed

0.1% or 1 kg/T of feed

100 – 250 g/T of feed

100 – 250 g/T of feed

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