STS 50™

STS 50

Soil Inoculant


STS 50™ is a multi-functional soil inoculant. It is recommended for use by grassland farmers who don’t have access to or use sprayers and it can be applied direct into slurry tanks. The specially selected naturally occurring soil microorganisms multiply rapidly in the soil and help restore soil health and structure. It stimulates growth of plants directly by improving the nutritional status and health of the root and leaf environment. STS 50™ can also help control soil borne diseases caused by a variety of pathogens by restoring a balanced level of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi.

For Grassland Farmers, the below product combination should be considered:

  • Grassland A – Bio-Boost & STS 50 (Applied in the spring time and can be mixed into slurry tank or applied through slurry)
Benefits include:
  • Improves soil structure and helps reduce compaction with long-term use
  • Increases bioavailability of nutrients
  • Helps restore a balanced soil biology
  • Breaks down plant residues
  • Provides the plants with a healthy-looking gloss

5 kg plastic tub

10 kg plastic tub

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Application Methods:

50 g/acre mixed into slurry at any time from spring to autumn. The product is activated by diluting with warm water and mixing into slurry tanks (no parlour detergents) at the rate of 50 g/acre of ground to be spread. Mix in slurry at least 1 week prior to spreading.

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